365 Days - May Status Update

  • Posted: May 21, 2021
  • Updated: July 8, 2023

Can I write this in 26:30 before it turns to 2021-05-22 in UTC-4? Well, no time for an intro, let’s get right into it!

It’s been a year since my very first blog post on this blog. Throughout that time I’ve written 16 articles which amounts to an average of 1⅓ posts per month — higher than my 1 per month goal. I did miss some monthly status updates, but at least I wrote quite a few separate posts about CTFs and other projects.

Moving on to whatever I’ve been working on the past month and a half, it really hasn’t been much. At the beginning of this month I wrote about my experience hosting the 2021 ECOO Programming Contest which was a joy to be a part of. A week ago my team Teapot participated in the Canadian National Finals round of the CyberTitan IV cybersecurity competition where we placed first. It was our second year of competing so we were all rather proud of our result.

Regarding the future, I hope to keep writing blog posts and hope to do so with a higher frequency. I’ve got some plans coming up to write about my new 2FA setup with the SoloKeys Solo v1 that I recently purchased. I also got a PineTime development kit some time ago so hopefully I’ll make a little game and post about that as well. With regards to the COVID-19 situation around the world, I haven’t mentioned it on my blog, but I do hope that everyone stays safe, gets vaccinated, and manages to get through it. Maybe we can even get this to be the third disease1 to ever be eradicated…2 though that would be a long time away, if ever.

Wew, only minutes3 to spare.

  1. The others being Rinderpest and Smallpox↩︎

  2. Relevant XKCD, as always. ↩︎

  3. Okay look, the commit does say I’m 52 seconds late, but I promise my clock is ahead by 1:27 🤞 ↩︎