Happy new year — only 10 days late!

Well, it’s a little over a week into the new year, about a week later than I planned on writing this post, and a few seconds minutes since I’ve started writing. This status update is going to be rather short since I haven’t really done much over the holidays. In fact, I’ll just list out some things I plan on working on and check them off as I go. Can I do them all by the start of February?

  • Get this site to automatically build with builds.sr.ht. Done
  • Write a simple periodic table native C app with (probably) SDL. Started
  • Write some console templates for my Prometheus logging setup
  • Open-source a Golang web development project I’m working on
  • Write a blog post about Github (repository) Stars and how I almost fell into a trap

And that’s all for now. Get your news from some reputable places, probably a newspaper of record, not off Twitter or social media, and stay safe while vaccines roll out in many parts of the world.