I've Moved! - November Status Update

  • Posted: December 3, 2020
  • Updated: April 30, 2021

Hey! It’s the third of the month and the perfect time to write a status update for the last. The snow has fallen, the skies have darkened, and I’ve moved from theavid.dev to fluix.one. To be honest, there’s only a small number of reasons for this:

  1. I didn’t really like the names TheAvidDev and theavid.dev
  2. fluix and fluix.one are shorter
  3. See 1. and 2.

Overall, the new site contains the same information, albeit with styling changes and simplifications. There’s still a blog and a list of projects with a new miscellaneous page for random other information such as tools I’ve used, some recommendations, and more places to find me. An RSS feed is also still available for those that prefer it. From the technical side, I’ve switched to using Hugo and storing the posts in individual files, instead of in a database with Django. I’ve also setup Nginx to cache static resources and enabled HTTP 2.0 support.

Alongside the name change, I’ve increased my involvement in a number of other, smaller online communities. Primarily, I setup an IRC bouncer, soju, and joined #archlinux, #sr.ht, and #sway on Freenode. After following Sourcehut for a while, I wrote some tiny patches to improve the experience for those of us without an account, then promptly made an account. I’ve come to appreciate email, switching my error tracking to use it (as noted in my last post) and joined a few Arch Linux mailing lists. Stay tuned for a public mailing list soon!

Moving on to what I’ve been working on, it hasn’t really been much in terms of public projects. Locally, I’ve setup a Wireguard network between my various computers and remote hosts so I can host services remotely without having to expose them to the public or setup more specific firewall rules. I’ve also been writing documentation for my networking and service setup to improve organization. Switching from Bitwarden to pass has removed the need to host a bunch of services and allows me store everything in a git repository so doing that was nice too.

Well, that’s about it. November’s been a busy month behind the scenes and not so much in public. Stay cozy and safe everyone, see you in January!