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2023-12-31Good things come to an end
2023-07-10Resilience and problem solving
2023-07-09A mirror hack should not be catastrophic
2023-07-09Thoughts on the mirror hack
2023-05-05Append-only Restic backups on a Hetzner Storage Box
2023-03-11Components using Jinja macros with TailwindCSS
2022-07-26Running a Show with Linux Show Player and mpv
2022-01-01A New Year - December Status Update
2021-08-31Many Months, Many Things - August Status Update
2021-05-21365 Days - May Status Update
2021-05-05Hosting a 700 Person Programming Contest - ECOO 2021
2021-04-07A Different MITM - PicoCTF 2021 Double DES Writeup
2021-04-04Writing my First Python Reversing Challenge
2021-03-29Cats, Work, and Games - March Status Update
2021-02-10Scheduled Email Sending with ProtonMail
2021-01-11Happy New Year - December Status Update
2020-12-03I've Moved! - November Status Update
2020-11-05Sway Borders and Art - October Status Update
2020-10-19This is late... - September Status Update
2020-09-03Sway Fork and Hackathons - August Status Update
2020-08-01DMOJ, CTFs, Sway, and More - July Status Update
2020-07-31My First ROP Chain - HacktivityCon 2020 Static and Dynamic Writeup
2020-07-28pwn intended - CSICTF 2020 Writeups
2020-07-27Intro to Binary Exploitation - DMOJ CTF 2020 Writeups
2020-07-26Mars University - FAUST CTF 2020 Writeup
2020-05-21How a Bad Random Number Generator Froze Sway